Miss SS, none a strange name in KL dj industry with her djing career in music genre of House, Techno and occasionally Soul & Hiphop.
Her diverse taste in music gained her a resident spins of Chemistry night, HOC (House Of Chemistry ), one of the longest running club nights in KL. Her hard-work has proved and caught the eyes to many promoters while she spun. She warmed up for world renown James Zabiela and DJ Falcon, etc.



Veteran of Malaysia’s DJ scene, he’s paid his dues over his 20-year career. From humble beginnings, DJ Nesh worked his way up the ladder playing some of the most iconic clubs & parties in KL, and then eventually branching out cross borders to rock foreign sound systems like Ministry Of Sound (Taipei, Taiwan), Metro City (Perth, Australia), New Year’s Eve Party (Maldives) just to name a few. His performance art has only aged like fine wine. Still very much active in the scene today, his interest now however is to not only take you on a musical journey but to educate & share good music with the masses.

People might or might not know, DJ Nesh is also a silent killer in Malaysia’s sneaker-head community, with that, come a strong sense of style for everything else he puts on. This blend of disc jockeying skills and sense of style would bring a unique flavor to a So So Fresh.