DJ Jamming

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DJ Jamming / Rehearsal / Record a demo – mixtape.

Hi DJ, kindly provide the date and time you like to jam, we will check the availability. You may like to choose to jam in either smaller or larger room. Due to pandemic Covid19, we urge everyone to obey SOP, social distancing, no mass gathering , wear mask at all time in the public places and hand wash frequently.

ROOM 1 – Standard Room ( maximum 2 pax )
DJ Jamming rate
(room size / 180SF)
RM70 – 2 hours
RM90 – 3 hours
RM120 – 4 hours
RM140 – 5 hours

DJ Equipment :
A. 1 pair XDJ 1000 + DJM 900srt

B. Technics Turntable + DJ mixer
*Traktor Z2 mixer available.

*headphone provided.

For turntable user, you’ll need to bring your own stylus.

ROOM 2 – known as Room 24  ( maximum 4 pax )
DJ Jamming rate
(room size / 300sf)
RM140 – 2 hours
RM180 – 3 hours
RM280 – 5 hours

DJ Equipment :
Pioneer XDJ XZ.
Technics Turntable + DJ mixer
Led Projector.

Room 24 isn’t just for jamming. It’s also for video recording. Simply plug in your laptop to Led projector or connect in wireless devices with your favourite graphic visual.

T&C :

*You are welcome to add on any of your dj gears.

*To secure the booking, advance payment is require.
*Non refundable.
*Please be on time. As there might be other people after your slot.

Music Production Jamming for fine tuning / editing

Rate :
RM 100 nett – 1 hour ( max 2 pax per jamming )
RM 180 nett – 2 hour ( max 2 pax per jamming )
RM 280 nett – 4 hour ( max 2 pax per jamming )

Equipment :
Yamaha HS 80M monitor speaker
Monkey Banana Gribbon 5 monitor speaker
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6
AOC screen

For booking, kindly whatsapp 0163145335