DJ Jamming / Rehearsal / Record a demo mixtape. 

Hi DJ, kindly provide the date and time you like to jam, we will check the availability. You may like to choose to jam in either smaller or larger room. . 

ROOM 1 – Smaller Room ( maximum 2 pax )(room size / 180SF)  

DJ Jamming rate 

RM80 – 2 hours 

RM110 – 3 hours 

RM170 – 5 hours 👈(promotion rate ) 

DJ Equipment : A) Pioneer CDJ2000NXS, Pioneer DJM900SRT,  B) Technics Turntable  *DJ mixer *Traktor Z2  *headphone provided. 

For turntable user, you’ll need to bring your own stylus. 

ROOM 2 – Larger Room ( maximum 4 pax ) (room size / 300sf) 

DJ Jamming rate 

RM140 – 2 hours 

RM180 – 3 hours

RM280 – 5 hours 

DJ Equipment : A) Pioneer XDJ XZ, B)  Technics Turntable, DJ mixer *Traktor Z2 .  

*You are welcome to add on any of your dj gears / laptop. Please ensure your pen-drive is readable.

*To secure the booking, advance payment is require. (First come first serve) 

*Non refundable. Non exchangeable. No carry forward. 

 *Please be on time.